Buck Creek: Blue Water Trails

The Blue Water Trails series highlights the floating, fishing and tourism opportunities on Kentucky’s streams and rivers. Buck Creek is a highlight of the series.

A series of floats on this remarkable resource immerses the paddler into the power of water in a karst environment and its ability to carve a steep gorge into the Cumberland Plateau through the millennia. The Buck Creek drainage has over 90 documented caves. The cleansing effect of water moving through rock contributes to the creek’s exceptional water quality.

The first float begins at the Dahl Road Access (KY 1677), which is actually located just a short distance down Rainey Road, which forks south at the Dahl Road Bridge. The access is located on the left, so look for the No Dumping sign. The take-out is a little over 4 miles downstream at the old KY 80 Bridge in the community of Stab. This makes an excellent half-day float. Learn more on the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife website.

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